Review: W Melbourne

The W Melbourne could be a great a hotel but….
W Melbourne


The W Melbourne is one of a host of new Marriott hotels in the Victorian capital.

It has all the ingredients to be a great addition to the Melbourne accommodation scene and UCT was looking forward to our stay.

The hotel has great design features, a good location, and some groovy W elements.

Ultimately though the hotel is let down by the little things and UCT’s stay was disappointing.


The W Brisbane is housed within a spectacular Collins Arch mixed-use development that resembles a pair of trousers.

Collins Arch

The lobby is small for a hotel of this standard and on the day of UCT’s arrival was subject to an unpleasant smell that seemed to come from outside the hotel.

Reception was friendly but not that efficient and seemed to take a long time to deal with the small number of guests.

The lobby leads into the lift bank which takes you up to the rooms and other amenities.


The hotel is located on the business end of Collins Street which is being significantly revitalized by new developments that blend commercial, retail, and residential.

It is on a couple of tram routes, is a short walk to Flinders Street Station, and provides easy access to the delights of the centre of Melbourne.

High-end retail is close by if shopping takes your fancy.


UCT stayed in a Fabulous Room which was a good size and felt modern and trendy.

The room presents in shades of charcoal with black and gold dominating the bathroom.

The room contained a king-sized bed and contained a small amount of storage.

W Melbourne Fabulous Room

The room contained two comfortable chairs around a small coffee table.

The room was fine but there were a few disappointments.

The bed in particular was dressed in linens that would be more at home at a Holiday Inn than a 5-star hotel.

The bathroom only has one sink and does not seem to have been designed with people in mind.

Food and Drink

The W has a good selection of restaurants and UCT got to try out two of the venues.

Lollo for breakfast presented beautifully but the food was disappointing.

Lollo at the W Melbourne

Curious, the hotel’s underground cocktail bar, was a glorious experience with amazing decor and excellent signature cocktails.

Curious at the W Melbourne

Although UCT did not get an opportunity to try them, the hotel has a signature Japanese restaurant called Warabi and a deli-style cafe called Culprit.


The hotel has a modern functional gym and a fantastic indoor swimming pool.

You can enjoy a cocktail and snacks at the pool.

W Melbourne Pool

Final Word

The W Melbourne should be a great hotel.

Luxury is all about the small details and sadly some of these small things are lacking at the W which detracts from the overall luxury experience.

UCT’s stay was fine but unmemorable because of the details the hotel missed.

The service was hit-and-miss and the breakfast at Lollo was middling.

The room looks great but low-quality sheets and a less-than-functional bathroom were some of the small items that detracted from the experience.

The W Melbourne should look to its sister property in Brisbane to learn what a truly great hotel experience is all about.

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