A Review of The United Kingdom’s Best and Worst Airlines


Air travel has become an essential mode of transportation, and the quality of the airline can significantly impact a passenger’s flying experience. The United Kingdom is home to several airlines that offer domestic and international travel services, but the quality of service can vary significantly from one airline to another.

In this article, we will review some of the prominent airlines in the UK and the worst ones. So, read on to make informed decisions before your next flight.

Best Airlines in The UK

A new study has found the top and worst airlines in the UK based on customer evaluations, just in time for the summer vacation rush. Forbes Advisor, a pricing comparison and financial advising tool, studied 20 major airlines. 

It analysed data from travel review sites and Twitter to determine which scored the highest for user ratings and responsiveness to complaints and other consumer issues.


Jet2 does exceptionally well in online reviews, having the highest per cent of five-star ratings on both Trip Advisor (62%) and TrustPilot (77% five-star reviews0. It also got the lowest rate of one-star evaluations on both platforms, with only 6%. 

The airline’s Twitter presence was also generally positive: during the seven days that tweet to the airline were tracked, it received 111 tweets and publicly reacted to 58 of them, resulting in a 52% reply rate. That is the fifth-best response rate in the survey, with an average response time of 231 minutes, ranking 11th.

Virgin Atlantic

Although there was a significant disparity in the percentage of five-star ratings on the review platforms, Virgin Atlantic scored as the second-best airline in the survey. It scored only 18% of five-star reviews on TrustPilot, while 51% of reviews on TripAdvisor awarded it the highest grade.


TUI came in third place. The airline flying from Birmingham Airport to Barbados, Spain, Cyprus, and Mexico received top scores in 67% of TrustPilot ratings, but only 33% of TripAdvisor customers believed it earned five stars.

Airlines with Bad Reviews


WizzAir received the lowest customer satisfaction score, with 88% of its TrustPilot reviews being one star and 48% of its TripAdvisor reviews being one star. 

WizzAir, on the other hand, outperforms the competition on Twitter, openly responding to 74 of the 179 tweets addressed to it, or 41%, and doing it in the quickest time of any airline, with an average reply time of just six minutes.

Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines came in second worst. It was the only airline in the research that did not respond to any tweets received during the week that experts were looking for. 

Pegasus Airlines finished second from last in the rankings, with four out of five (80%) TrustPilot evaluations earning one star and one out of three (33%) Trip Advisor ratings obtaining the lowest possible rating. 


Vueling is third from the bottom and has the most significant percentage of one-star reviews (89%) on TrustPilot. However, it performs marginally better on Twitter, having a an average response time of 191 minutes 31% reply rate, ranking eighth among other airlines.


This review has provided valuable insights into the best and worst airlines in the United Kingdom. Travellers and industry professionals can utilise this information to make informed decisions and ensure satisfying travel experiences within the United Kingdom.

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